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  • Learn & Innovate
    Enables teachers to provide study materials, communicate effectively and encourage pro-active thinking among students
  • Plan, Perform & Progress
    It enables the students to access course material, get their doubts clarified, take assessments and monitor the progress.
  • Collaboration & Co-ordination
    All course activity rolls up into a simple feed, no clicks, simple social learning, collaboration with real-time push notifications, keeping users engaged and connected.
  • Assess & Support
    It enables the teachers to create assignments, track performance, evaluate for better learning outcomes.
  • Peer-to-Peer Learning
    It enables the students to create their own study group, share notes, exchange ideas within the group and focus on self-development.
  • Secure Technology
    A secure cloud-based learning platform that enables easy integration, secure storage for documents and materials, monitor the engagement level, no set-up costs and no servers to maintain.

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